Swimming Pool – Aparthotel complex

Swimming Pool – Riad complex

The resort has 3 swimming pools, out of which 2 are outdoors and one heated indoor swimming pool for the winter. The large rectangular swimming pool is located in the interior of the U-shaped aparthotel complex. It is mainly used by the residents of the Aparthotel, but they can also use the large oval swimming pool next to the apartments of the Riad complex. The constant fresh water supply ensures a really refreshing bath in the summer, as well as clean water. The restaurant with terrace is located at the short end of the aparthotel swimming pool.

The indoor heated swimming pool (heated in the winter), is also located in the aparthotel next to the fitness studio on the ground floor. There is also a Jacuzzi with hot water. Another Jacuzzi is located next to the large oval swimming pool, as well as on the rooftop terrace of the apartments in the Riad complex.

The large oval shaped swimming pool, which resembles a lake, is located next to the apartments of the Riads. Next to the large swimming pool is a changing room and several toilets. A small snack bar offers products for a the small appetite. This swimming pool is home to the ping pong table, where live music and entertainment are offered twice a week.

There are also many swimming pools in Marrakech which you can visit. They offer a wide selection of sites.

1. Swimming Pool Marrakesch/La Plage Rouge

This swimming pool is probably the most famous of Marrakech. It is easy to get into. The beach is the beach, as the name suggests (plage rouge / red beach). The sea is the imense swimming pool, while the red sun loungers are set up on sandy beach. Red probably due to the red city of Marrakech. There is music and animation and different price classes, up to all inclusive. One should know that all swimming pools have one or more restaurants and bars. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks. At the entrance, the bags are checked.

2. Swimming Pool Marrakesch/Nikki Beach

It is a kind of copy of the Platge rouge (or vice versa), depending on which swimming pool first opened. This elegant swimming pool is located on the Palmerie of Marrakech, a very elegant residential district, where, as the name implies, there are many palm trees. The offer is the same as in Platge Rouge. The entrance fee is also approximately the same.

3. Swimming Pool Marrakesch/Oliveraie de Marigha

This swimming pool is about 45 minutes by car from Marrakech and is located on a kind of valley with olive trees, surrounded by mountains. It’s a hotel with different small bungalows “Agroturismus”. It is a great excursion, and the scenery is beautiful. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, and would also like to make a nice trip, certainly this is the right place. We recommend taking the entrance ticket with lunch included. In this case, it is not expensive, and the food is very good. You can go either by taxi or car, or by bus from the hotel. If you are there by car, you can also take a dip for lunch in the beautiful hotel in the country„Chez Momo“ . We would also recommend it for a second trip. At Chez Momo you can use the swimming pool free of charge if you go there to eat.

4. Swimming Pool Marrakesch/Oasiria

This swimming pool is certainly the right place for children and all adults who are looking for fun and variety. The facility is not to be confused with our facilities for children with plastic chairs and sausage stands. The swimming pool area is beautiful, and at the quiet pool you can have a drink or lunch in the grass under the olive trees. You can also rent a lounge with sofas at this swimming pool. In total, this swimming pool complex is visited equally as frequently by adults without children, as well as by families. For adults, who do not want to use waterslides, the wave pool is also very nice. The entrance fee is cheaper than Nikki Beach and Plage Rouge, and it is also possible to take an entrance ticket only half-day from two o’clock.