Enjoy a holiday full of sport – The Olive Garden –

Jogging, Fitness, Swimming, Tennis, Football, Basketball

Directly near the big stadium of Marrakech

Sport in the holidays

If you don’t want to set your sport routine aside, but you’re still willing to enjoy a recreational holiday, then the ‘Olive Garden’ Marrakech is the place for you. The 54-hectare holiday resort is ideal for jogging/ running. The area offers many pretty paths. If you prefer to play tennis, the resort has a tennis court which you’ll have to rent. Near the Riad complex, we offer a clay tennis court. There is also a multipurpose court intended for basketball and football for the young and not-so-young. The fitness studio next to the aparthotel complex offers further sport options. The large studio is air-conditioned and fully equipped with new equipment. There is also a ping pong table at the swimming pool for young and old. The table football and billiard table are located on the terrace next to the swimming pool in front of our aparthotels. We offer you a variety of sports and leisure activities for all age groups.

With us, one can practice their desired sport and stay healthy without any type of impediment. Our holiday resort is very close to the Marrakech football stadium. There are also a lot of other events taking place there. Read the program of the Grand Stade Marrakech.

Tennis, Fitness, Jogging, Golf, and Swimming


In Marrakech, there are many sports facilities, but one’s are better than the others. If you prefer fitness as a sport, you will find that the selection is very limited, and you only come across hotels with fitness studio. There is a large gym in Marrakech, with men and women divided. There are two buildings next to each other. If you would like to rent a holiday apartment in the centre of Marrakech near a fitness studio, you can rent a great apartment with 100 m2 roof terrace and swimming pool in our Majorelle holiday complex. The gym has to be paid separately. The club for sports and fitness is located almost diagonally opposite the holiday complex. There is the possibility to pay a single entrance ticket, or buy a ten-card. The offer is large; fitness equipment and courses such as: Spinning and belly dancing, as well as other sporting possibilities are offered. There is also a hammam (typical Arabic bath).


If you prefer to play tennis, it’s a little easier. There is a total of 3 noteworthy tennis clubs. All offer courses for everyone. If you don’t have a car, you should know that the Tennis Club Royal of Marrakech is located directly in the new district of the centre of Gueliz, where there are many apartments. Even so you can combine sports with city holidays. You can most likely walk from the apartment by foot to the club. The other two tennis clubs are just outside. Further information is available in the following links:



Jogging and Swimming

Jogging outdoors is not a good idea in the city centre of Marrakech. Moroccans do not practice individual sports such as jogging or fitness, although the trend has changed more and more lately. Even fat Moroccan women now want to lose weight. The first “Joggingexemplare” are however to be found beside main traffic routes with stinking car fumes, although there are beautiful and also large park facilities, as for example the Menara, although it’s curious how one does not encounter anyone jogging in these types of places.

On the other hand, every January there is the International half Marathon International half Marathon of Marrakech. The exact date has not yet been fixed.
There are plenty of swimming pools in Marrakech, but none are orientated towards sport. There are also a lot of dance classes and dance schools in Marrakech, as well as other possibilities for sport.


Golf is a good choice for sports in Marrakech. There is a large range of courses. The nearest golf course to the ‘Olive Garden’ is the “Palmerai Golf Palace”. It is located on the same area as the Palmerai ‘Olive Garden’. There are also 5 other significant golf courses, as well as one Directory for Golf: