Holidays in the Aparthotel -The Olive Garden-

Aparthotel – interior Decorations

Aparthotel – outdoor facilities

Aparthotel “The Olive Garden”

The Aparthotel -Der Olivengarten- is located near the entrance of the holiday resort, where there is a barrier and guard. It is not an aparthotel in the typical sense, but a building of the holiday resort with private holiday apartments. Each apartment of the Aparthotel has a different owner. These are private apartments, although the building is labeled as aparthotel. The name Aparthotel was selected on the basis of the services, such as the reception, large lobby with sofas, restaurant etc. Furthermore, most of the apartments were decorated in a similar modern style by a company. The great swimming pool with constant clean water supply is located in the middle of the resort. If you like more variety, you can also walk to the swimming pool of the Riads where more activities take place. The Aparthotel also has a billiard table and table football, which stand on the terrace in front of the swimming pool, and provide a small fee for fun. If you would like to rest in a large room, or use the Internet, the lobby of the Aparthotel is the perfect place: It is big and equipped with modern sofas. In the entrance hall there is a small shop with the most important things as first aid. The large reception with modern sofas is located right next to the entrance to the Fitness centre, which is air conditioned and equipped with the latest equipment. There is also the heated indoor pool and a jacuzzi, which is used in autumn and winter. Our Aparthotel offers one of the best services for the price of a normal large apartment in Marrakech

Restaurant of the Aparthotel

The Breakfast in our Aparthotel is varied, with croissants and typical Moroccan crepes. There are two types of Marrocan crepes: a thick square shaped crepe, and a round, spongy crepe called Baghrir. The crepes are usually served with honey or jam. Morocco has long going tradition for green tea with fresh mint. Morocco is also known for its sweets. The filled biscuits or mini cakes are also suitable for breakfast, but are mostly served for afternoon tea. The sweets are not for breakfast. Breakfast can be served either inside the restaurant or on the terrace.

The restaurant of the holiday resort offers inexpensive moroccan kitchen with a daily menu in summer. It is also possible to order some dishes one day in advance, which are brought to the holiday apartments on request. The typical Moroccan cuisine consists of Tagine, a clay pot for cooking with a hat-looking clay lid. The idea is to achieve a mixture of the effect of cooking and baking at the same time. In our Aparthotel you can taste the many different varieties of tagine from chicken, lamb or beef. The Lamb is particularly famous for Morocco. Moreover, one of the most famous dish certainly is the Cous Cous,which is traditionally prepared on Fridays.

The couscous is not cooked in boiling water for two minutes like in our homes, but it’s a rather complex process. The couscous is placed in water steam with a special pot with sieve steamed in the steam bath. At the bottom, the vegetables are usually boiled, and the steam with the vegetable flavor penetrates the couscous. Afterwards it is kneaded on a surface several more times until it is properly raised, similar to a yeast dough. There are all kinds of couscous, but the best known is the cucumbers with vegetables such as pumpkin and small zuchinis, or the sweet variety with caramelized onions and raisins. On the terrace of our aparthotel, barbecue is also offered.